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Features of long-term real estate rentals in Rome

In Italy, rented property for personal purposes is divided into several main types: villas, flats/apartments and plots of land. There is also the concept of short-term (up to 6 months) and long-term (more than 6 months) housing rental. The first one is more expensive than the second one, and rental fee is paid on a weekly basis (or daily). In the second case, the fee is paid every month. The most common type of long-term contract is a ‘3 + 2 contract’, i.e. a 3-years rent, followed by automatic extension for another 2 years. As a rule, renters have to officially notify the landlord about the contract termination at least 3-6 months in advance. A long-term lease of property presupposes payment of a deposit (caparra) equivalent to the amount of 1-3 months of the lease, which is to be returned upon the expiration of the contract, subject to compliance with contractual obligations.


How much is to rent a house in Rome for one year?

The cost of a long-term rent in the capital of Italy depends on: - location; - number of bedrooms and bathrooms; - proximity to transport hubs and attractions; - availability of terraces, garden, swimming pool etc. Rents in Rome are quite high, which is directly related to high property purchase prices.

How to rent an apartment in Rome for a month?

The best decision to rent an apartment abroad is to contact a professional estate agency. Ready Property Rome real estate agency with its rich expertise and diverse experience in the real estate market, will consult you which area in Rome suits you most and will find the ideal option for you to rent a house. Our estate experts will take care of the entire rental process, including full legal support. Just choose accommodation to your taste and we will do the rest.

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