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Advantages of a short-term rent

Sometimes a short-term apartment rent is more convenient than hotel accommodation. Apartments are located in cozy areas close to metro stations and transport interchanges. Rented homes are better in terms of privacy than hotels. In addition, along with a rented house or apartment you can get your personal pool, a gym and other amenities. What is a short-term rent? A short-term rent can be of three types: daily, weekly and monthly (up to six months). If the contract period is longer than 6 months, it is considered a long-term rent. For short-term rentals, if you decide to move out before the end date of the contract, you do not need to notify the landlord in advance. In case of a long-term lease, the contract should provide this kind of notification 3-6 months in advance. This is due to the high demand for real estate in Rome. Renting an apartment for one day or for another short period means that the rooms are always fully furnished, and the kitchen is equipped with all the equipment you might need.


How much is to rent an apartment in Rome for a week or a month?

The cost of a short-term lease in the capital of Italy depends on: - location; - number of bedrooms and bathrooms; - proximity to transport links and attractions; - design.


How to rent an apartment in Rome for a month?

The best decision to rent an apartment abroad is to contact a professional estate agency. Real estate agency Ready Property Rome will help you to rent apartments in Rome for a week or any other period. Luxury apartments are located in prestigious central areas, close to famous sights. Our estate experts will take care of the entire rental process, including full legal support. Just choose accommodation to your taste and we will do the rest.

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