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Giulio Norante Valentini

Director and Senior Property Sales & Lettings Negotiator

Giulio has considerable experience in solving real estate problems of diverse complexity. In addition, Giulio is an expert in administrative and legal matters related to real estate.

Alexander Kornelyuk

Executive Partner

Alexander has been in real estate for many years. Skilfully handling all the difficulties, he is now one of the best property specialists. Moreover, Alexander has encyclopedic knowledge of the history and culture of Italy.

Natalia Kotovich

Customer Service Manager

Natalia provides clients with professional support taking into account all their preferences and interests. Dealing with each enquiry in a very thorough manner, Natalia ensures that all customer needs are always met.

Andrea Cianciosi

Chief Legal Officer

Andrea provides legal assistance in real estate transactions of any complexity. Andrea ensures that all client interests are accommodated in the best possible way and assists in concluding agreements and reaching the most favourable terms.

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